“My granddaughter is a true treasure and a person that has always viewed life positively and helping others as her utmost important task.  She has always been triumphant and a tenacious person.  She never gives up and she is adamant in her causes and I commend her for having such a strong character and love for people.  I am truly proud of all of her accomplishments that she has been able to achieve and her hard work and dedication to improve life for others.”

Bishop Tomas Lozada
Purple Heart Borinqueneer Korean War Veteran

“In the time that I have known Irma Cornier I have seen her as a person that takes care of everything in and out of her surroundings.  She is a devoted family person and has dedicated herself to helping others especially Veterans.  She has helped numerous Veterans with their V.A. issues.”

Juan Vasquez
Borinqueneer Korean War Veteran

“Irma Cornier has always been a selfless person and she truly cares about community.  She is all about community and has proven that by always being willing to help others without requesting anything in return.  She would make an ideal civic leader and has caused so much positive change just as a community person that as a civic leader her accomplishments would be endless.”

Rev  Nelson Quintana

NewLife 316

“Irma Cornier is an outstanding leader that has dedicated herself wholeheartedly to the community.  She is an individual with a heart to serve others and has always placed others ahead of her to help people in any capacity that she is equipped with for the betterment of others.”

Rev. Tomas Sanabria

Ekklesia Ministry of Helps-Founder


“If you ever need something community based to be taken care of and need a professional to get straight to the issue to be resolved Irma Cornier is the key person.  She is highly educated and prepared to resolve any matter that will help the community.”

Hector Nuñez
Hector’s Barbershop-Owner


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